Sunday, 19 July 2015

Red about Loughborough 2!

A few more pics of Loughborough in red! See Part 1 for earlier pics of red about Loughborough!

By the side of the former Walk-In Centre

A doorstep on what is now the end of School Street

House for sale on School Street

Corner shop!

A take-away!

On the side of what was Maher's the off-licence

Leicester Road petrol station

Outside the Grammar School

Outside a local B&B

Yay! Celebrating Loughborough markets!

Building work at Fairfield (ironically partly housed in the White House!)

Delivering post on Leicester Road

In The Peacock Inn

A rare barber's pole on King Street

Kura Kura, formerly the White Horse, Bedford Square

Peking Cantonese in Bedford Square

Best chips in town (IMHO!)

Seating in an unused bus shelter, Southfields Road

Double red lines near the former police station

Chains outside the Premier Inn, Southfields Road

Loughborough in Bloomin' red!

Outside the council car park, Southfield Road

A bloomin' addition to the roundabout!

Route 66!

Ok, shades of red with a lot of green and white!

On Bastard Gates!

A bloomin' Ladybird!

Bloomin' hanging baskets!

Oh, sorry, Route 66 again!

Buckets on Park Road!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Red about Loughborough Part 1!

These last few weeks have been hectic, so all I've managed to do is go out and about taking a few snaps about town, of all things red! Enjoy! And for more pics of red about Loughborough, check out Part 2!

Pillings Lock

On the water

On the water, 2

At the GCR

Inside Towles, now SOFA

The Charnwood Forest Line

Beside the water!

So RIII did visit Lowes, like Henry, after all!

A day at the museum!

Traditionally known as red brick, but are they Tucker's?

At the GCR station

In the GCR worksheds 1

In the GCR worksheds 2

Around the GCR 1

Around the GCR 2

The signals

On the GCR platform 1

On the GCR platform 2

At the Carillon Tower and War Memorial Museum

On the GCR line

At the GCR museum

On the GCR platform 3

On the GCR platform 4

Celebrating a 21st birthday at The Plough, Normanton!

Cattle Market 1

Cattle Market 2

At the Midland Mainline station

At the new Baxter Gate cinema/restaurant complex