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Having been a librarian for 32 years, and a mother for 21 years, in 2011-12 I trained to be a tour guide, and in April 2013 I became an Accredited Leicestershire Tour Guide, along with four other people from Loughborough. Together we are walking the streets of Loughborough, showing interested folks all those things about Loughborough that might have escaped their notice, ranging from the sites of Zeppelin bombings during WW1, through the former home of the Lord of the Manor, the former rectory and the guildhall, to society meeting places, pubs, theatres, cinemas and sculptures, as well as university sites, and former industrial buildings.

I've been blogging on a variety of topics (librarianship, music and a general blog) since 2007, but this Loughborough blog that you're reading now is the one that has interested me the most, and the one that I am keen to post to on weekly basis, although, sadly, I don't always manage this.

The blog came about because the wonderful town of Loughborough was in danger of being included in a book about UK towns that were rubbish: We were in the top 100 of these, but luckily didn't make it into the book, which only listed the top 50. I'm not deluded enough to think that my blog did anything to prevent us being in the top 50, but I do hope that over the course of the last 3 years and 9 months since the blog started, I've promoted Loughborough, highlighted what's great about it, and encouraged people to visit, in order to make up their own mind about how great our little market town is, and what a lot it has to offer.

The posts vary in length and content, really depending on how much time I've got!! Some are simply a photographic record of an event, some are snippets of info, some are accounts of events and meetings I've attended and some are in-depth articles on specific topics. I particularly enjoy researching Loughborough people, features of the town and specific streets. In some cases, other people have already done a lot of research into things that I'm interested in so I will not re-invent wheels, but rather point you in the direction of other people's offerings. All photos used in the blogs will have been taken by me, unless stated otherwise: I will not be uploading old photographs as I simply don't have time to track down the copyright holders.

The only slight difficulty with the blog is leaving comments. To do this you have to log onto Blogger, or googleplus, or register or something! Probably a better way would be to leave me a comment via my dedicated-to-Loughborough email address, which is:


Of course, you will need to replace the words above with the appropriate punctuation - which is included to stop internet robots, not to deter you!

Over the last 18 months I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Local History with Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, and achieved a 2i. From July to October 2017, I wrote 100 words every day about Loughborough for 100 days, as part of an online initiative. Most of these 100 word pieces were whatever came out of my mind on the day I was writing, so may be slim on historical fact, and sometimes obliquely related to Loughborough! You can view the completed project here.

Also during 2017 I have started a blog and a Twitter feed - follow us @OldRectoryMuseum - for the Old Rectory Museum in Loughborough, a building with an interesting history, but often overlooked by visitors.

In July 2018 I will be lucky enough to have my very first book published, to be followed in 2019 by a second! I do have other projects in mind for 2018, as well as continuing to blog weekly, so do please keep popping back!

Thanks for reading!


You are welcome to quote passages from any of my posts, with appropriate credit. The correct citation for this looks as follow:

Dyer, Lynne (2017). [Post title]. Available from: http://lynneaboutloughborough.blogspot.co.uk/ [Accessed [date]]

Take down policy:
I post no pictures that are not my own, unless I have express permission so to do. All text is my own, and not copied from any other information sources, printed or electronic, unless identified and credited as such. If you find I have posted something in contravention of these statements, or if there are photographs of you which you would prefer not to be here, please contact me at the address listed on the About Me page, and I will remove these.
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  1. Such a detailed and wonderful blog spot! I was wondering if you could tell me if there was ever a creek called Burton's Walk Creek? I found a news article related to my great grandmother who tragically ended her life in it. Would you have a photo of where abouts this creek was? I tried to google map this but find a Woods Creek but no Burton's Walk Creek. Could this have changed since the 30s?

  2. Hi Dawn! Thank you for visiting the blog, and for your kind comments. I do believe I know the creek you mention and definitely have some photos lurking somewhere! If you contact me via lynneaboutloughboroughatgmaildotcom (with appropriate substitutions!) I'll send you what I can find. Regards, Lynne

  3. Thank kindly. Have sent an email :)


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