Exhibitions @ Loughborough Library Local Studies Library

Following an impromptu conversation at the unveiling of the latest exhibition put on by the volunteers at the Loughborough Public Library Local Studies area, I thought I'd upload some of the photographs I’ve taken over the last few years, with huge apologies for the quality.

Sadly, I cannot be 100% sure of which exhibitions these photographs are showing: I do make a stab at giving my folders of photographs suitable names, but sometimes, particularly if I’m in a hurry, I don’t always get them right.

Anyway, here are a selection of photographs, starting with the latest exhibitions, and going back to 2013.

From Loughborough Building Society, taken April 2016

From Fairs and Markets, taken 5 August 2016

From George Hill of Loughborough, taken November 2015

From A. T. Warbis, taken 5 July 2015

World War One, taken 19 December 2014

Lost in Time: In and Around Loughborough, taken 6 October 2013

Lost in Time: In and Around Loughborough, taken 28 September 2013

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