Musical, creative, artistic and cultural Loughborough

Musical, creative, artistic and cultural Loughborough

This is simply a list of musical, creative, artistic and cultural groups and activities in Loughborough, with links. Not comprehensive, of course, simply the things I know about. This is, of course, a work in progress! If you would like your group included, please do let me know.


Lots of musicians and musical groups in the area:

Sam Rodwell, a young Loughborough guitarist, currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music. This is his homepage, and these are some of his YouTube videos.

Our very own Carilloneur, Caroline Sharpe, trained as a singer at the Birmingham Conservatoire, and works in our area as a singing teacher. Caroline runs a number of singing groups all of which are listed on her website. 

Northern Quarter are a local acoustic band who often appear at the local music festival, Glastonbudget. Hear some of their offerings from their website

The ESNA (the Emmanuel, Shelthorpe and Nanpantan Amateurs) Players have been performing musicals since the 1960s and regularly perform at the Loughborough Town Hall venue. Find out about their 2015 shows.  

The Loughborough Amateur Operatic Society (LAOS) also performs regular shows at the Loughborough Town Hall. Find out a bit about their history and the shows they have put on.

Loughborough Make Voice Choir (LMVC) have been in existence for at least 100 years and have performed a variety of music in a variety of locations. There are some samples of their singing on their website.

Charnwood Choral Society has also been in existence for many, many years. Currently they meet at Our Ladies Convent School, and perform in regular local concerts. Today (6 December 2014) I was informed that CCS is folding, and the link above no longer works.

The Loughborough Orchestra is a relative newcomer on the block, being created in the 1990s. The orchestra usually performs at least one concert a year with a local young soloist.

The Charnwood Orchestra has been around and performing concerts since about 1974, usually doing about five a year, in a wide variety of locations.

Dangerous Dogs are a Loughborough band playing a variety of music, including blues-type stuff. Listen to some of their music on their website.  

Operahouse is a made up of a group of local singers who perform operas in English to appeal to a broad audience. Most performances take place in Loughborough, but the group do go further afield.

The Christchurch Gilbert and Sullivan Society was formed in about 1965 and, as its name suggests, puts on productions of G&S operettas, nowadays in the theatre at Hind Leys Community College. if you're a keen G&S fan, keep an eye on their future productions page!

In a little village just outside Loughborough, there is a family of brass bands practising hard, and bringing exciting concerts into Loughborough and beyond. The Hathern family of brass bands has been around since the early 1900s, being an amalgamation of the two brass bands that existed in Hathern from about 1860! Pop over to their webpage for a lot more info, including a list of engagements: Christmas is a great time to catch them in action! 

The Shepshed Singers have been around since the late 1970s and perform regularly in the area, including offering a chance to local folk to come along and sing a piece from scratch!

Viva La Musica is a small chamber choir based in Loughborough, performing a couple of concerts a year in various venues.

The Christchurch Theatre Club is based in Shepshed and has been performing musicals since the 1970s. These days they usually do two performances a year, often in Loughborough Town Hall. Find out more on their facebook page.

Theatre Groups

The Falcon Players (originally employees of the Brush) have been around since 1957, and have performed plays ranging from Blithe Spirit to Nobody's Perfect. however, I'm not entirely sure if the group are still around. Venues have included Loughborough Town Hall and the wonderful art deco theatre at Stanford Hall.  

Similar to the Falcon Players, the Festival Players were formed in 1950 and were also regular performers at the Stanford Hall Theatre. The latest production from the Festival Players was My Boy Jack, and Macbeth will be their production in 2015. Like many groups these days, the Falcon Players have their own facebook page.  

The New Quorndon Shakespeare Company is a relative newcomer on the block, being created in about 2002. Whilst productions of Shakespeare plays is their focus, they do perform plays by other playwrights too! Most productions take place in the village of Quorn, just outside Loughborough. This is another group who are active on facebook.


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